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Togo The US Has The Moral Responsibility To Help Restore Democracy and Freedom In Togo.


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It’s not a favor we are asking! For having taken an active part in the assassination of the first democratically elected president of Togo, the United States of America has & must help Togo find its way to democracy and freedom. It’s like paying a debt!

In the early 60s, Togo, once dubbed “Musterkolonie” (Model Colony), for its high economic and cultural standing, was a rising star in the sky of the newly independent countries in Africa until the fateful day of 01/13/63, when the distinguished President Sylvanus Olympio had been gun down, execution-style killing by the unemployed and demobilized Private First Class soldier gnassingbe eyadema, with the active complicity of the United State of America.

PFC Etienne gnassingbe eyadema was hovering around the modest residence of Sylvanus Olympio like a vulture. When President Olympio smelled the rat, he jumped the wall that separated him from the U.S. embassy, and find himself in the compound of US embassy, thinking that was the only place he could find solace and protection from the scum of the earth killer called gnassingbe eyadema.

To his surprise, the US, had given him two alternatives from which he has to choose one: climb the wall in reserve direction to where they know well that the cold-Blood killer eyadema was waiting for him with a gun, or wait till a key to door of the Embassy was found.

History has it that, President Olympio had had no other choice than trying to climb the wall again and that was how he met his inescapable faith.
Eyadema went ahead and fatally shot him, thus balancing the faith and the destiny of the whole country, Togo.

Since then, with the iron-clad support of France, Eyadema had run the country with iron fits for 38 years until his sudden death in 2005. His dictatorial rule was made of political assassination, kidnapping and killings, money embezzlement, influence peddling and the list goes on and on.
When Eyadema died in 2005, using anti-constitutional contortions that fly in the face of the Supreme Law Of our Land, his biological son faure gnassingbe had been imposed as President by the tribal army of Togo.
Togolese had been once again embarked on bloody journey for 13 years of yet another a dictatorial ruling of assassination, installation of cesspool of corruption, mass killing (faure gnassingbe had killed at least 500 Togolese in 2005 to seize power, according to the fact-finding mission appointed by the UN human rights commissioner in 2006.).

Faure Gnassingbe is in his Third term as self-imposed president and is seeking a forth and a 5th term!

U.S. must step in and help free Togo, not because they champion freedom and free and fair election, but rather because they owe Togolese a huge moral debt that they have to pay for partaking in and enabling the brutal killing of Sylvanus Olympio.

Koffi Apati-Bassah

Koffi Apati-Bassah
New-York, U.S.A.

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