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Togo Tempus Fugit! Faure & the Wheeler Farm


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The Vegas Wheels. Gnashing One More

Our struggle to deluge the Gnassingbe regime must be won at all mustard! The fight must be won with witty heart-wholly-thinking minds of men and women of Togo.

I believe the struggle has been successful. The indisputable evidence of success is that the gnassingbe regime is calling to purge its own sins in our wholly-holy land. The crooks forced itself to declare a “state of purgatory.” Often time, (history has proved it) when a regime fades out; unable to uphold the battle, weakened to hoop the hearts and minds of its people, it faces things to challenge the status-quo. It does one thing. And only one thing. Moonlight dancing! They once again thought they are taken as angels. No, call it absurdity.

They are angles! The so-called state of purification is more than a sulfuration. The state of purgatory is what Togolese fight on their knees. White lab coat as the messy, yet we are fed up. The state of mind of a vampire ain't convince any. Not anymore. Nor shall a moron hide behind a fortress of human blood. Nor running an open air-bandit state of crooks that ransack the people of Togo at the wheels of the gnassingbe. Business, as usual, is at its end. We will close this chapter, very soon.
As the gnassingbe teeters to do unto us, we gnash. We will re-write the history of our Holy land of Togo.

As Edward Bulwer-Lytton lays it in his poetic expression (valuing signature of guns and animosities) “The pen is mightier than the sword."
In Hamlet and Rosencrantz, Shakespeare echoed the vibrant state of terror speaking through Rosencrantz in Hamlet, “many wearing rapiers are afraid of goose-quills and dare scarce come thither.” We will not do unto the gnassingbe what their gunz[SIC] do unto us. We, Togolese, recklessly fit and undefeated will go on doing it right. We will pen to conquer our land, forcibly and for sure.

No, we do not tire. We are indeed buffeted. We will put out the holy land fire with seamless droplets of water in our beak that is not in its bleak state. It is a struggle of love. We will hum until we kaput the regime of gnassingbe.

His effort to sulfurate the Togolese must be stopped. And right now! Not a single purification can stop the under-aged elementary students you once ravaged with your guns. The purification in all its means echoed pure state. Defamation!

Abomination! Such act of purification would not convince my nut mind; not even an inch. You've killed, you are killing, and you will always kill. In sum, a high-grade dictator is still staggering. We will prevail!
Children books, I love reading them. They contain lessons that can instill our growth. I like Dr. Seuss statement here "Oh, The Places You'll Go! “You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Yes, we have a direction. Our True North awakes. And we can no longer dance under the moonlight of the gnassingbe.

It's no longer a zero-sum per say. The game theory no longer applies. We've gotten to let you know, we gotcha! We know you well enough. Isn’t the purification idea laughable in its sense? Isn't it that same murky talks that drove us to the hill and bluntly shoot us at the moonlight? Isn't it another merchant of human blood quailing for the next 32 years? They can bargain, of course. The regime will not compromise their iron-seat. Call them "Babba-Barbarossa of the Potemkin."

Game theory, as explained by Thomas Schelling, “Two or more individuals have choices to make, preferences regarding the outcomes, and some knowledge of the choices available to each other and of each other’s preferences. The outcome depends on the choices that both of them make … There is no independently ‘best’ choice that one can make; it depends on what the others do.” And we will not compromise any longer. They will maximize their gains in any and all things - negotiations.

Individuals, groups, states and other entities negotiate for a variety of reasons: to resolve conflict, to gain an advantage, to achieve amicable relations, to maintain peace and avoid war and so on. Successful negotiations often result when the parties operate on basic principles of fairness, good faith, trust, honesty, integrity, and a commitment to promote mutual benefit and satisfaction for a win-win outcome. But none of these parameters apply to zero-sum games. Purification roots in negotiations to resolve conflicts, to gain purity not punitive, to achieve win-win, to uphold peace and avoid social warfare and so on.

Success and fairness quite often are achieved when parties operate on the bare-basic principles of humankind, faith, integrity, and a commitment to elevate the painstaking people from their miseries. Today none of these are the cornerstones of ganssingbe Faure regime. The game theory of purification is simply a sulfuration with a-l-l time winners: The regime of the gnassingbe.

Let's make this short; the DEVIL is on the hunt to grab us to the shore - at the mercy of its sharky (sic) shirks. Negotiating with Faure gnassingbe is pontifying in the Potemkin village. A wanker is on the loose! Let's wake up as one and only one to nay to the end of Faure Gnassingbe regime. Tempus Fugit!

Ben Djagba

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