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Togo Raising Awareness On The Eve Of The Gigantic Demonstration In Order To Avoid Crackdown on Demonstrators in Togo (West Africa)


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Togolese people from all walks of life are ready for a gigantic demonstration on the 4/11, 4/12 and 4/14. They are taking it to the street again to protest against the 51 years of dynastic rule of the Gnassingbes family, a rule marked by kidnaping, arbitrary detention of political opponents, human right activists, union leaders, and ordinary citizens and extra judicial killings. Their rule is marked by resources siphoning, Money embezzlement traffic of influence and all the odd practices that go along with an autocratic rule!

Togolese are taking it to the street to ask for the reinstatement of the 1994 constitution which has a limitation of power (two term) boldly written in stone, the vote of the Togolese diaspora and the overhaul of our institutions!

A dialogue moderated by the Ghanaian President, his excellences Nana Akufo Ado went underway on February 9th but is wavering right now thanks to the stubbornness of Faure Gnassingbe to stand again for elections in 2020 when he would have completed three terms in power!

Everything this regime has been doing and is doing now flies in the face of any international norms of practices in politics and governing. Faure Ganssingbe had killed at least 500 Togolese (figures of UN) in 2005 to capture power and nothing has happened to him.

On the eve of these gigantic demonstration, we are writing to raise awareness and ask the International Community, particularly the United Nations to keep an eye open for Togo. The illegal government of Faure Gnassingbe had already banned the protest, a constitutional right of Togolese, and is getting ready to crack down on protesters and round up the opposition leaders and activists.
The International Community can no more be tight lips or pay lip services in the face of the crimes this regime commits every day. They can no more continue to call on all stakeholders in the Togolese political crisis to be moderate and keep it peaceful. It’s time the culprit (the regime) is singled out and dealt with.

Should this regime crack down on legitimate protesters again, the International Community has to throw the book at them immediately.

Yours Sincerely,

Koffi Apati-Bassah

Koffi Apati-Bassah
Togolese Naturalized American in New-York

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